Kolli Malai
Kollimalai Kolli Malai is a small mountain range situated in middle of Tamil Nadu in Namakkal district of India. The mountains are below 1300 and above 1000m altitude above sea level and cover an area around 280 kmĀ². Kolli Malai has 70 hairpin bends to reach the top of the hills. Kolli Malai is a part of the Eastern Ghats, which is a peak range that runs mostly parallel to the eastern coast of South India. The mountains are comparatively untouched by commercial tourism and still retain their natural beauty.Kolli Malai sometimes known as Kolli Hills. The reason is that early journalism records the existence of an image called Kollippavai on top of these hills. This image was believed to represent the courage of a maiden who lured wayfarers by her beauty and killed them. Kolli Hills will be the top choice for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, trekking clubs and meditation practitioners among hill stations in Tamil Nadu.

The region was ruled by Valvil Ori more or less 200 A.D., who praised as one of the seven great philanthropists of earliest Tamil Nadu. His valor and marksmanship are sung by some poets, and his exploits are a trendy part of folklore. Valvil is said to have killed a lion, bear, deer & a boar with a single arrow. Kolli malai is featured in several works of classical Tamil literature such as Silappathigaram, Manimekalai, Purananuru and Ainkurnuru. Kolli malai is said to be protected by Kollipavai, the local deity. According to legend, the sages select Kolli hills when they were searching for a peaceful place to perform their penance. However, the demons invaded the hills to disturb the penance when the sages began their rituals. The sages prayed to Kollipavai, who according to the mythology chased away the demons with her charming smile. Kollipavai is still worshipped by the people here and her smile is admired. The mountains have a number of mythological legends associated with them, and frequently come across as an eerie place in contemporary tales due to the unexplored and less traveled terrain.

Kolli Malai will be a top choice for nature lovers, trekking clubs, hiking enthusiasts and meditation practitioners among hill stations in Tamil Nadu. In comparison to other hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kolli hill is not commercialized, offers unique mountain ranges and less polluted. The Namakkal district administration has developed a botanical garden, Cave house, Boat house and a new waterfalls called Masila Falls. The "Ori festival" is also celebrated by administration with lot of cultural procedures. The Mountain is a place of pilgrimage, because of the Arapaleeswarar temple, which is said to have a secret path to the Shiva temple located at Rasipuram. This Shiva temple is believed to have been built by Valvil Ori in the 1st or 2nd century when Valvil Ori ruled this area. "Arappaleeswara sathakam" is the poem which praises the Arappaleeswarar god. It is believed that this temple exists in Sangam period itself.

The Kollimalai is a sub taluk and becomes a part of Namakkal district. The headquarters for Kolli hill is Semmedu joining by road to Salem and Namakkal.

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