Rock Fort Temple On the foot hills of kollimalai ,a place of scenic beauty is the puliyancholai ,72 kms away from Tiruchirappalli via Thuraiyur filled with full of greenish tree sand tamarind groves .this forest region is cool and green with added attraction of the stream.the stream is the natural bathing area for the tourists throughout the year .there is a water falls in the higher hills which is called Akaya Gangai,besides ,the water here has medicinal value .the 18 th day of the tamil month Addi is the time for worshipping the river here and more people visit Puliyancholai that day .accommodation is available here.

Puliyancholai to Agazha Gangai Falls(Hill top)Five hours hard Trek: Trek will fetch you Fantastic views of Million years nature curved rocks- Dolmens- Pithukkuli Cave- Different shaped big stones- Forest produces on the way and at the Top plain - Honey, Guava, Orange, Mustard, Fenugreek, Garlic, Paddy, Maze, Millets, Jack fruits (more than 12 varieties) etc.,

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