Vekkaliamman Temple
Vekkaliamman Temple Annai Vekkali was the protecting deity of Woraiyur which was once the capital of the chozhas. It is Annai Vekkali who saved woraiyur from the heavy rain of sand during Vanparanthaga Chozhan time. Because of the heavy shower of sand, people lost their houses and were forced to live in the open space. As the children had to live with out a roof, the benign Mother, Annai Vekkali also decided to dwell in a temple with-out roof and even today, she continues to reside in a temple without roof and blesses the people.

Annai Vekkali (Mother Vekkali) relieves the devotees of their distress and blesses everyone impartially with her protecting hands. The devotees who write their problems in “Prayer papers” that are sold at the temple, place them at the glorious feet of Goddess Vekkali and hang them in the Trishul, which is in front of the Goddess. Once a devotee does this he is sure of his problems being solved. This Holy place is the most ancient, Glorious and extraordinary “Sakthi’s sthal” in Tamilnadu. That those who workship Annai Vekkali need not fear the evil effects of planets is an everyday experience.

Woraiyur was the capital of the Chozhas during the Sangam Age. According to Chekkizhar, a renowned Tamil poet, woraiyur contains all the great beauties of the world. As the greatness of woraiyur has been referred to in sangam literature like Aaganaanuru, Puranaanuru, Pattinappalai, Natrinai and on the twin epics, Chilappathikaram, it is obvious that this city has a great historical past.

This city was established by Sooravathitha Chozhan, Woranthai, Vasapuri, Kozhiyur and Mukkeesuram are some other names of this city. It was in this city that Thirupanazhvar lived. It was here that kamalavalli Nachiyar, (The daughter of Kotchenkannan the king of woraiyur who built seventy mada temples.) fell in love with Lord Sri Ranga and married him.

The great queen of Pandyas, Mangayarkarasi was born here. Kings like Kopperum Chozhan, Karikar Chozhan and Pugazh Chozhan were born here and they ruled the chozha kingdom with this city as the capital. Talented Sangam poets like Elam pon vaniganar, Eane Cherimudhamosiar, kallian kumaran, Siruganthan, Palshayanar and Maruthuvan Thamodharan were also born at this place.

We come to know from Abithabi Chintamani and Ottakoothar’s Thakkayaha Parani that the ancient Woraiyur which was covered by a heavy rain of sand about twenty feet below the ground is now known as Pandamangalam.

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